TS OATMEAL MIXED CONGEE(single) 泰山燕麥八寶粥 375g


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BA-BAO Congee is the founding leading brand, the classic unbeaten taste
Taishan BA-BAO Congee

Delicious: The ingredients are so delicious, full and satisfying, the classic taste in memory!
Health: select 8 kinds of natural dietary grains, one supplement! Exclusive boiling technology, completely retain the original nutrition.
Convenience: It's easy to eat when you open the can, no need to cook~ It can be stored at room temperature and enjoy at any time!
Peace of mind: SQF international food safety certification strictly controls, high temperature sterilization and no preservatives to eat safely.

泰山 八寶粥

  • 美味:料多美味、飽足滿足,記憶中的經典好味道!
  • 健康:精選8種天然膳食穀粒,一次補充!獨家熬煮技術,完整保留原味營養。
  • 方便:開罐即食,免熬煮好輕鬆~ 可常溫保存、隨時享用超方便!
  • 安心:國際食安認證SQF嚴格把關,高溫殺菌無防腐劑安心吃。
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