TS BROWN SUGAR MIXED CONGEE(single) 泰山沖繩黑糖八寶粥 340g


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Carefully selected Okinawa brown sugar and mixed black grains, healthy and convenient breakfast/snack nutritional supplement
Taishan Okinawa brown sugar eight-treasure porridge

Okinawa brown sugar is carefully selected to retain the true and natural taste of brown sugar.
Black Sambo health bonus points: black beans help digestion, black glutinous rice nourishes and strengthens the body, black sesame seeds for beauty and beauty.
Strictly select 8 natural dietary grains: black beans, black glutinous rice, black sesame, barley kernels, oats, longan, red beans, mung beans.
Full of natural grains and the original natural scent of Okinawa brown sugar.
High temperature sterilization and sealing, no preservatives.
Taishan Eight Treasure Congee Market sells No.1 series of products.
Allergen reminder: This product contains black beans, barley kernels, oats, and black sesame seeds.

泰山 沖繩黑糖八寶粥

  • 嚴選沖繩黑糖,保留真實自然的黑糖原味。
  • 黑色三寶健康加分:黑豆幫助消化,黑糯米滋補強身,黑芝麻養顏美容。
  • 嚴選 8 種天然膳食穀粒:黑豆、黑糯米、黑芝麻、大麥仁、燕麥、桂圓、紅豆、綠豆。
  • 充滿天然穀物香及沖繩黑糖原味自然香。
  • 高溫殺菌封罐,不含防腐劑。
  • 泰山八寶粥市場銷售No.1之系列產品。
  • 過敏源提醒:本產品含黑豆、大麥仁、燕麥、黑芝麻。
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