Product features: Fresh and natural cabbage, no artificial coloring, flavor, and edible milk

Ingredients: flour, coconut oil, vegetable oil (soft palm oil, fatty acid propylene glycol ester, fatty acid glyceride), sugar, milk powder, malt extract, refined salt, cabbage, yeast, expanding agent (baking soda ammonium bicarbonate), L- Sodium gluten, pineapple extract

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Storage method: Please keep in a cool place, do not put it in high temperature, so as to avoid deterioration. After opening, please eat it as soon as possible, and the flavor is best. If you cannot eat it at the same time, please seal it and store it in the refrigerator.

Allergens: The ingredients of this product contain wheat and milk

产品特点: 加了甘藍清新自然,不含人工色素 、香料,奶素可食

成 分: 麵粉、椰子油、植物油(軟質棕油、脂肪酸丙二醇酯、脂肪酸甘油酯)、砂糖、奶粉、麥芽抽出物、精鹽、甘藍菜、酵母、膨脹劑(小蘇打 碳酸氫銨)、L-麩酸鈉、鳳梨萃取物

產 地:台灣


過 敏 原:本產品成份含有小麥、牛奶

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