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Royal Family Royal Pineapple Cake

Different from commonly available Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes, this series of pineapple cake does not contain winter melon filling. Instead, bulk of the delicious filling uses Taiwan’s unique high-quality Nantou mid-level soil pineapples. The pineapples are carefully boiled and reduced to a rich and flavourful pineapple filling, and then wrapped into a well-portioned soft outer layer that melts in your mouth. Enjoy the explosion of pineapple with each and every bite!


Product of Taiwan

About Royal Family

Founded as a meat production company in 1985, Royal Family transformed into the mochi manufacturing business after the founder’s chanceful encounter with Japanese mochi. Surprised by the soft and tasty mochi gifted to him by his friend, the founder sought out the latest mochi manufacturing technology from Japan and incorporated flavours from Taiwanese traditional mochi. Since then, Royal Family has grown to offer many different mochi products and a variety of pastries to the domestic market as well as global markets, and has won numerous awards internationally. Due to the quality of mochi products and popularity, Royal Family was requested to set up Taiwan’s first mochi theme tourism factory in Taiwan – “Taiwan Mochi Museum” in 2010 by IDB and Industrial Technology Research Institute.

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