Ming De Sweetened Soybean Paste use selected flour and soybeans with unique koji bacteria and matured after more than 120 days of brewing time. The taste is salty and sweet, with an orthodox northern taste. The taste is strong and only a small amount is needed to have an excellent seasoning effect.

*No pigment


*No added preservatives

Contents: non-genetically modified soybeans, water, sucrose liquid sugar, salt, flour, soybean oil, sesame oil, flavoring agents (5′ inosine disodium phosphate, 5’guanosine disodium phosphate), corn sugar Gum, sweetener (sodium glycyrrhizinate), natural spices (star anise powder), lactic acid.

Food allergens: This food contains soybeans, wheat, and sesame, which are not suitable for people allergic to them.

Whether to refrigerate: Please refrigerate after opening.

Cooking application: dipping sauce, sauce fried, braised, noodles, barbecue; many well-known home cooking such as Beijing sauce shredded pork, braised beef (pork) meat, fried sauce, Beijing roast duck dip, aboriginal roast pork, etc.



內 容 物 :非基因改造黃豆、水、蔗糖液糖、食鹽、麵粉、大豆油、芝麻油、調味劑(5’次黃嘌呤核苷磷酸二鈉、5’鳥嘌呤核苷磷酸二鈉)、玉米糖膠、甜味劑(甘草酸鈉)、天然香辛料(八角粉)、乳酸。

食品過敏源: 本食品包含黃豆、小麥、芝麻,不適合對其過敏者食用。

是否冷藏 開封後請冷藏保存。

料理應用 :沾醬、醬爆、紅燒、拌麵、燒烤類均可;許多知名的家常菜如京醬肉絲、紅燒牛(豬)肉、炸醬、北京烤鴨沾醬、原住民烤豬肉等等。

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Ming Teh Sweetened Soybean Paste

What’s produced by fermenting wheat flour and soybeans with koji bacteria for more than 120 days?

Ming Teh Sweetened Soybean Paste it is! Sweet and salty, flavourful and rich, it is perfect for your stir frys, dips, roasts, noodle dishes, etc.!

– No colouring

– No MSG

– No added preservatives

– Please refrigerate after opening

– Product of Taiwan




– 料理應用:


– 無色素

– 無味精

– 無添加防腐劑

– 開封後請冷藏保存

– 台灣製造

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