MD CLASSIC BEAN PASTE 明德陳年豆瓣酱 (460g)


The Ming De bean paste, which has a heritage of flavor, is made of high-quality non-genetically modified soybeans and healthy natural rock salt. It is added with bright red peppers from the Jianan Plain. The master personally stirs them every day, strictly observing the four traditional sauce mixing processes, and then let exposed to the sun for 180 days, the taste is natural and mellow, and the aroma is full. It is a traditional brewing delicacy that many traveler can’t forget.

★Traditional four-step sauce mixing process
Stir: Follow the clock direction and use a wooden stick to stir the bean paste toward the center along the edge of the tank.
Mixing: Follow the direction of the sauce, and then mix the bean sauce evenly.
Turn: Turn the bean paste at the bottom of the tank to the surface to fully absorb fresh air.
Kneading: Knead the bean paste repeatedly like a dough to make it fully blended with natural seasonings and elastic

★Easy cooking and unique taste
★Vegan, no preservatives
★The best choice for bibimbap, noodles and cold dishes

Ingredient: Red Chili Pepper, Non-GMO Soybean, Water, Broad Bean, Salt, Liquid Sugar, Sesame Oil, Soybean Oil, Wheat Flour, Disodium 5′-Inosinate, Disodium 5′-Guanylate, Star Anise Powder
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerated when opening.
Product Origin: Taiwan
Allergen: Contains Soybean, sesame, broad bean and wheat.
100% Vegetarian & Vegan




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Ming Teh Bean Paste

What’s produced by fermenting selected broad beans and soybeans with koji bacteria for more than 120 days?

Ming Teh Bean Paste it is! It is an incredibly flavourful and rich condiment – just a small spoonful of it makes a wonderful condiment for your stir frys, roasts, noodle dishes, etc.!

– No colouring

– No MSG

– No added preservatives

– Please refrigerate after opening

– Product of Taiwan




– 料理應用:炸醬、醬爆、紅燒、拌麵均可,有比醬油更濃厚的風味;許多知名的家常菜如醬肉、紅燒牛豬肉、炸醬麵等等,西餐如醬爆牛小排、醬爆豬排。

– 無色素

– 無味精

– 無添加防腐劑

– 開封後請冷藏保存

– 台灣製造

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