KL SOY SAUCE 金蘭酱油 (590ml)


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Kim Lan Soy Sauce

Kim Lan Soy Sauce is the brand’s signature product – one can never dissociate its soy sauce from the brand name!

Naturally brewed for six months using steamed soybeans, roasted wheat and Australian sun dried salt, Kim Lan Soy Sauce exudes a fragrant aroma that is hard to find with other brands!

It is the perfect condiment to have in your pantry – you can use it for stir-frys, stews, baking, steaming, and many more!

Product of Taiwan

About Kim Lan:

Founded in 1936 in hopes to create jobs for the local Taiwanese community, Kim Lan has became the household name in Taiwan for quality naturally-brewed soy sauce and many other condiments and pickled products.





金蘭創立于 1936年,創立之初因創始人身受到台灣詩人藝文與日本文化的交錯影響,加上本身對於文人風雅養蘭頗有心得,故以蘭花啓名,搭配富貴之意,而取名“金蘭”為其醬油品牌名稱。其融合從大陸傳來的豆麥釀造法、日本人所流傳的日式醬油釀造,與台灣本地的來再式釀造法之特性。



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