[Halal] JSY BLACK SESAME POWDER 結善圓黑芝麻粉 (300g)


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[Jie Shan Yuan Pure Black Sesame Powder]

Ingredients: 100% black sesame seeds

Halal certified

Product of Taiwan

Net weight: 300 grams

Shelf life: 12 months

Pure black sesame powder is sugar-free, and does not contain added artificial flavourings, coloring, and preservatives

Jie Shan Yuan black sesame seeds are carefully selected and roasted at low temperature before undergoing the grinding process. Fine grinding the seeds allows for easier absorption of nutrients from the black sesame.

Jie Shan Yuan Pure Black Sesame Powder is a good source of healthy fat, fiber, iron and calcium. It also contains healthful minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and a variety of trace minerals.

[How to consume black sesame powder]

– Dissolve the powder in room temperature boiled water, before adding hot water, to make a hot cup of black sesame milk.

– If desired, you can also mix in milk, milk powder or soymilk instead of hot water.

– Other cereal/cereal mixes can also be added and brewed together to make a cup of nutritious breakfast cereals.

【金潤益】純黑麻粉 (高鐵、高鈣、高纖)

成分: 精選100%黑芝麻


淨重: 300公克

保存期限: 12個月


💖純黑芝麻粉 100%無糖純天然 , 零添加人工香料、色素、防腐劑

嚴選黑芝麻 使用低溫烘焙研磨而成。

採用細緻研磨 使人體更加容易吸收黑芝麻的營養成分












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