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Brown sugar is directly boiled after squeezing the juice of sugar cane. Only 16 kg of red sugar cane can extract a pound of pure brown sugar, which retains the most original natural flavor of sugar cane.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals without chemical processes, and the molasses taste in brown sugar.

It also has a charcoal burning aroma that ordinary sugar does not have. General granulated sugar, white sugar, and rock sugar have been purified, and their nutritional value is far less than that of brown sugar.

The nutritional value of brown sugar: iron 49.2 (mg/100g), calcium 464 (mg/100g), vitamin B2 0.18 (mg/100g), and others elements (sodium, potassium, manganese, lead, copper).

黑糖是甘蔗榨汁後直接熬煮,16 公斤的紅甘蔗才能提煉出一斤的純黑糖,保留最原始的甘蔗天然風味,不經化學過程,富含維生素及礦物質,黑糖里的糖蜜滋味,還帶著一般砂糖所沒有的炭燒香氣,一般的砂糖、白糖、冰糖都經過純化,營養價值遠不及黑糖。

黑糖的營養價值:鐵質49.2(mg/100g)、鈣質464(mg/100g)、維他命B2 0.18(mg/100g),另有其它:微量元素(鈉、鉀、錳、亞鉛、銅)

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