FJ CHILI IRON EGG 福記香辣鐵蛋 (150g)


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[Fu Che Iron Egg (Spicy)]

“Iron egg” is a Taiwanese delicacy in which chicken or quail eggs are repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and then air-dried. The resulting eggs are dark brown and chewy on the outside, and very flavourful.

Why buy Fu Che Iron Eggs?

– They are made with exclusively formulated secret recipe and unique marinating/baking technology

– They maintain the traditional and unique flavor and taste

– Fragrance of each iron egg reaches the core of the egg yolk

– Perfect snacks for tea time, drinking sessions, hiking, etc.


福記鐵蛋 (辣味)

– 獨家調配的秘方並運用獨特的滷製技術

– 先進的烘焙工法

– 保有傳統獨特的風味與札實的口感

– 每一顆香鐵蛋的香味都直達蛋黃的核心

– 適合當成下酒菜、茶點、休閒零食。

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