YXF LAO PO CAKE 12PCS (VEGETARIAN) 顏新發12入老婆餅 (奶素) (480g)


Yen Shin-Fa Lao Po Cake 12pcs

Crafted carefully with an innovative recipe combining the sweet melon-pineapple filling with a multilayer buttery pastry coated with coconut powder, Yen Shin-Fa Lao Po Cake promises a delicious spin to this Taichung classic snack. Try it today!


Product of Taiwan

Ingredients: Flour, butter, cane sugar, melon-pineapple jam, coconut powder







[關於顏新發 About Yen Shin-Fa]

台中糕餅故鄉名聞遐邇,走進這個城市,處處是令人驚豔的人文餅藝,舉凡你我記憶中的台中太陽餅、鳳梨酥、綠豆椪。。。口口香酥的幸福滋味,刻畫著樸實與精緻並存的城市文化底蘊。 「顏新發百年餅舖」的歷史,猶如台中糕餅發展史,每一口糕餅都有歲月的溫厚豐韻,,從台中清水發跡,到日本習得天皇糕餅技藝,世代傳承對糕餅的堅持與熱情,延續百年家族味覺系譜,讓熟悉的味覺記憶,傳遞百年不變的贈禮心意。

Yen Shin-Fa brings together the century old recipes of Taichung classic eats and Japanese innovative baking techniques, to present delicious baked goods familiar to many Taichung families.

Weight0.48 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm


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