XM SWEET POTATO CRUNCH (VEGAN) 先麥地瓜脆條 (全素) (144g)


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Shan Mai Sweet Potato Crunch

As part of the KRUNCHEE-VEG series, Shan Mai Sweet Potato Crunch is an award-winning snack that you should not miss! KRUNCHEE-VEG series offer dehydrated vegetables, including taro, sweet potato, carrot, red bell pepper and broccoli, for your enjoyment. Shan Mai Sweet Potato Crunch uses specially selected Dadushan sweet potatoes and processes them using the newest vacuum dry technique. Every 10kg of sweet potato produces approximately 3.2kg of sweet potato crunch!

Each box contains 8 individual bags of sweet potato crunch


Product of Taiwan



真誠經營、創新研發一直是先麥追求產品卓越的原動力,先麥於2014年盛夏,開創台灣蔬果新生命,推出蔬果同堂KRUNCHEE-VEG脆條系列休閒點心,以新鮮蔬果【芋頭、地瓜、紅蘿蔔、紅甜椒、青花菜】轉化成鮮脆的休閒點心,自然呈現蔬果五彩最原始的風貌與內涵,以實際的行動呈現台灣農業在地生命力。 # 先麥KRUNCHEE-VEG蔬果同堂(地瓜脆條)嚴選大肚山台農57號地瓜製作,採用最新真空處理技術,每10Kg的地瓜經製作處理後僅存3.2Kg地瓜脆條(32%),每一口脆條都吃的到地瓜的原色、原味,讓平常少吃青菜蔬果的大小朋友,真實品嚐台灣農業在地的好滋味。




Weight0.144 kg
Dimensions21 × 30 × 5 cm


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