TTL 3in1 HUA DIAO DONG PO NOODLE 台酒花雕東坡肉麵 (600g)


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TTL Huadiao Dongpo Meat Noodle (200g x 3 packs/bag)

This product uses the Huadiao cooking wine brewed by Taiwan TTL Wine according to the ancient method. It is paired with the unique Dongpo broth and fragrant Q noodles. After the pork is stewed in the unique Huadiao wine, the taste is tender and not dry, as delicious as freshly cooked.

Allowing busy modern consumers to immediately enjoy the essence of Chinese food culture and taste the good taste of traditional classics.

台酒TTL 花雕東坡肉麵(200g x3包/袋)

本產品使用台酒TTL公司遵循古法釀製的花雕料理 酒,搭配獨特東坡肉湯頭以及香Q的麵條,豬肉塊經過獨門花雕 酒燉煮過後,口感柔嫩不乾澀如同現煮般美味,是市售豬肉口味泡麵所不能比擬的,讓忙碌的現代消費者,能立即享用到中華美食文化的精華佳餚,品嚐傳統經典的好滋味。

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