SCH MIXED SUNCAKE (12入) 綜合太陽堂餅 (600g)


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Suncake Hall Suncake (Assorted)

Taichung’s famous traditional pastry and desserts, the crust is soft on the inside, and the malt has a light aroma. It is most suitable with hot tea. Hand-made. The filling is mainly made of maltose. The maltose is sweet and delicious, with the tender texture of the crust. When you chew, the crust and the filling will melt in your mouth, leaving a fragrant mouth and no preservatives.

Each box contains 6 original flavour suncakes and 6 honey flavour suncakes.

Product of Taiwan


台中著名传统糕饼点心,皮酥内软,麦芽淡淡香气,搭配热茶最适合。 純手工製作。 内馅主要以麦芽糖為原料,麦芽糖香甜可口,配合饼皮的香Q酥鬆,咬嚼时皮与馅融合入口即化,口齿留香,不含防腐剂。



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