[Halal] RF TAIWAN PINEAPPLE CAKE 皇族12入台灣鳳梨酥 (360g)


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Royal Family Taiwan Pineapple Cake 台灣鳳梨酥

Royal Family, the dessert specialist in Taiwan, is one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in making fresh and delicious snacks for domestic and global fans. Royal Family Pineapple Cake is made with no artificial flavor added, to have you enjoy the original flavour of pineapple cake in each bite. Let all the ingredients dance in your mouth!

台灣的甜點專家皇族(Royal Family)精於製作新鮮,美味,健康和美味的小吃,美味的甜點等。只需嘗試一次,您將永遠愛上王室! ROYAL FAMILY鳳梨酥 不添加任何人工香料,因為Royal Family希望您每次品嚐時都能享受Royal Family精心準備的原始風味。讓鳳梨在您的嘴中起舞~

Halal-certified 持有清真認真

Product of Taiwan 台灣製造


[About Royal Family]

Founded as a meat production company in 1985, Royal Family transformed into the mochi manufacturing business after the founder’s chanceful encounter with Japanese mochi. Surprised by the soft and tasty mochi gifted to him by his friend, the founder sought out the latest mochi manufacturing technology from Japan and incorporated flavours from Taiwanese traditional mochi. Since then, Royal Family has grown to offer many different mochi products and a variety of pastries to the domestic market as well as global markets, and has won numerous awards internationally. Due to the quality of mochi products and popularity, Royal Family was requested to set up Taiwan’s first mochi theme tourism factory in Taiwan – “Taiwan Mochi Museum” in 2010 by IDB and Industrial Technology Research Institute.




家會香食品創業27年以來從一而終的每日兢兢業業只為製作出最高品質最美味的麻糬以及各種糕點,從觀光類產品,超市類產品,冷凍類產品一直到適合注重血糖以及體重管理的人士食用的無糖類產品,不僅大小獎項以及媒體採訪不斷,全產品線更通過ISO22000以及HACCP國際認證。由於麻糬類產品的品質以及行銷出類拔萃,在2010年應經濟部工業局以及工業研究院邀請,成立台灣第一家以麻糬為主題的台灣麻糬主題觀光工廠 – 「台灣麻糬主題館」。家會香子品牌包括-皇族、台灣麻糬主題館、半山甜園以及HuLa Mo Chocolate。

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