OP 4-in-1 MUSHROOM ONION RICE NOODLE 老鍋香菇肉燥米粉家庭包 (240g)



Old Pot 4-in-1 Mushroom Onion Rice Noodle

Instant rice noodles made of 100% pure rice, with traditional Taiwanese broth. Non-fried, no preservatives added. Convenient and delicious!

✔ Rice noodles were made with high quality Zailai rice, using special cold grinding technology

✔ Broth is carefully made using high quality meat and shiitake mushrooms

✔ Product of Taiwan


老鍋香菇肉燥米粉家庭包 (4包入)

✔ 嚴選優質在萊米,百分百純米製成

✔ 特殊冷磨技術

✔ 嚴選精緻豬油(台灣、西班牙豬),搭配紅葱頭熬煮,純米粉搭配黑香菇與豚骨湯頭,濃鬱風味,湯頭香濃不膩

✔ 台灣製造,新竹在地生產

Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions16 × 20 × 20 cm


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