MT ELEGANT ROSE TEA 曼寧玫瑰花茶 (30g)


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Magnet Elegant Rose Tea

Enjoy this aromatic, smooth and fragrant rose tea blend~


Ingredients: Rose Petal, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Flavor

Contents:2g×15 Tea Bags

About Magnet Tea Brand

Started in 1996, the Magnet brand established itself as a quality herbal tea supplier in Taiwan. It was one of the pioneers in introducing Western herbal teas to Taiwan and the rest of Asia. The process of sieving, drying, cutting and blending tea is always vigorously monitored for quality and product safety. All Magnet products meet strict food safety regulations in EU, as well as in Taiwan.

曼寧玫瑰花茶 (無咖啡因)

淨 重:30公克 ± 9% (2公克 X 15茶包) / 盒

成 分:玫瑰花、玫瑰果、洛神葵、香料


保存期限 : 二年(未開封)

保存方式 : 開封後請盡早飲用,避免置於高溫,潮溼及日光直射處。



◆ 純淨花草成分、無添加人工添加物、無咖啡因

◆ 檢驗合格《玫瑰花檢驗報告》

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