MT BLUE BERRY FRUIT TEA 曼寧藍莓果茶 業務用 (6g x 40 Sachets)


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Magnet Blue Berry Fruit Tea

– 6g x 40 teabags per pack

– Non-caffeinated, no preservatives, no added sugar

– Ingredients: Roselle, Sweet Blackberry Leaf, Apple, Chicory Root, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Orange Peel, Blueberry, Licorice Root

– Instructions:

Hot tea: Steep one tea bag in 300cc of boiled water for 3-5 minutes, then add honey/sweetener to taste (if preferred);

Cold tea: Method 1) Steep one tea bag in 250cc of cold/ice water for 10 minutes, then add honey/sweetener/ice (if preferred); Method 2) Steep two tea bags in 250cc of boiled water for 3 minutes, add sweetener and mix well, then add ice until 500cc mark.

About Magnet Tea Brand

Started in 1996, the Magnet brand established itself as a quality herbal tea supplier in Taiwan. It was one of the pioneers in introducing Western herbal teas to Taiwan and the rest of Asia. The process of sieving, drying, cutting and blending tea is always vigorously monitored for quality and product safety. All Magnet products meet strict food safety regulations in EU, as well as in Taiwan.

曼寧花草茶 – 皇家藍莓果茶 (天然成分、無咖啡因、無防腐劑、無添加糖)



◆ 來自專精花果茶製作工藝的德國專業公司,嚴選全球優質產區原料。

◆ 天然花草與水果萃取調配完美比例,3-5分鐘就可以輕鬆完成一杯夏日冰飲。

◆ 可在極短時間內,利用手調或使用茶咖機、萃茶機…等飲料專業設備,製作一杯酸甜甘美、顏色亮麗、無咖啡因的草本飲品。

◆ 符合歐盟及台灣農產品法規標準《皇家藍莓果茶檢驗報告》《茶包袋SGS檢驗報告》

成分: 洛神葵、黑莿莓葉、蘋果、菊苣根、香料、檸檬酸、橘皮、藍莓、甘草根

原產地: 德國

規格: 6公克 x 40茶包


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