LC SPICY BEYOND MEAT DRY NOODLE (VEGAN) 小夫妻麻辣未來肉拌麵 (全素) (424g)


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Little Couples Spicy Beyond Meat Dry Noodle

In collaboration with an award winning chef and plant-based imitation meat company – Beyond Meat, Little Couples is out with a delicious vegan dry noodles that will delight both vegetarians and meat lovers!

★ 10+years old spicy sauce recipe by award winning chef

★ 4 individually packed noodles

★ 5 minutes cook time

★ Natural ingredients, sundried noodles

★ Vegan

★ Endorsed by celebrities, cooking shows, etc.

★ Product of Taiwan



世界盃金牌主廚溫師傅鑽研10多年麻辣醬配方,推出以未來新食代流行的「植物肉」以最天然的調味料,無添加味精的方式, 結合素人拌麵第一品牌「小夫妻」陽光日曬的純淨刀削麵條,更能將麻辣香氣與風味完美呈現,融合為一, 讓您入口即入魂般的有感享受,「越嚼!越香、越入味!」,讓您在吃麵時每一口,一起食尚愛地球。

★ 拌麵達人小夫妻&金牌主廚溫國智霸氣聯名


★ 4包入

★ 感謝小明星大跟班、姐姐當家、美食鳳味、上班這黨事推薦,每8秒售出一袋、月銷破百萬份!

★ 全素

★ 台灣製造

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Dimensions 16 × 20 × 20 cm


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