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【Honey】It is made by bees who collect nectar from plant flowers and return to the nest. The color, flavor and quality of the flowers 
are different depending on the collected flowers, seasons and regions. It mainly contains more than 60 kinds of inorganic and organic 
substances, glucose, fructose, value, protein and 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body.
【Chrysanthemum】The chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, chrysanthemum glycosides, adenine, amino acids, choline, stachytine, berberine, 
flavonoids, chrysanthemum pigments, vitamins, trace elements and other substances. The essence of the plant lies in flowers and fruits. 
The petals of chrysanthemum contain 17 kinds of amino acids, among which glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and proline are high in content. 
In addition, it is also rich in vitamins and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, and selenium.
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